Shahi Paratha Roll Dubai

Dubai is an international destination. There is a trend to eat traditional food (from back home) which might not be unique to any international destination but is indeed found at its beautiful best in many places; the conventional eating places found in any city defiantly define the place. Shahi Paratha Roll Restaurant is one such place for expatriates from the Subcontinent and Middle East.

The quality of food at Shahi Paratha Roll is so good that it is often impossible to decide which one is the best and what to eat. Shahi Paratha Roll offers their mouthwatering specialties that will satiate your appetite any time you are in Dubai.

You cannot limit Shahi Paratha Roll to one particular food item. The delicious aroma of mouth watering BBQ Rolls and Platters, Chatpata Thela, Shahi Chutneys, and so many other conventional culinary delights intensify your desire.

Have a look at the well laid and users friendly website and or Facebook page and see what they are offering and how. I am sure, you will instantly fell like indulging. Best thing is that you can order online.

Dr. Norbert Pintsch Online

Search Dr. Norbert Pintsch and it will show over 3,150 results. They are all pointing to different activities, some time unrelated to each other. One wonders what Dr. Norbert Pintsch is upto. We took a chance to ask him about some aspects of his work and life. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Question: Hello Dr. Norbert Pintsch, you have a very strong presence on the Internet. You are very visible on the Web through your activities in different fields - films, articles, construction projects, interviews, illustrations, exhibitions, sounds, lectures and much more. Internet scouting and some research about you shows a lot on you and your work. As the Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen once wrote regarding a request for an interview, don’t have time, am very busy and can also not give a lecture. May we ask you a few questions?

Ganga Ram Power House

Salman Rashid (Odysseus Lahori) has written about Ganga Ram Power House in Renal Khurd. Guest visiting Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka can stop there and see this visionary project. Read the story here.

Gogera Fort - Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Preservation of Cultural Heritage

in Co-Operation with
German Society for the Advancement of Culture
Special Report by S A J Shirazi
This report reviews the situation of the cultural heritage in Pakistan and in particular it focuses on Gogera Fort, gives inventory of the fort and proposals for its preservation as well as management. Part II of covers the poverty alleviation and self help activities of community based local NGO Anjuman-e-Fala-e-AAma working in cooperation with German Society for the Advancement of Culture (DGFK) in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka – Punjabi village famous all over the world for dolls and toys made here and developments taking place in the process. The report also covers the details of some of the tourists’ attractions in the historic breadbasket of Pakistan around Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka. This part of the report should be read along with the map of the area.

Thatta Kedona - A Self Help Project

The cluster of mud and brick houses in the plains of Punjab, Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka (TGD) looks like a typical Pakistani village about 80 kilometres away from Lahore and 40 kilometres from Indus civilization ruins in Harappa. There is no gas or telephone in the village. No asphalt roads lead to it. Yet it is different, the beautiful dolls and other handicrafts made by the village folks are collectors' delight all over the world. Influencers from Indus civilization from nearby Harappa and modern techniques brought by the German volunteers can be seen in the village together.

The dolls made in the village are on display in international doll museum in Iceland, prestigious galleries and showrooms in Pakistan and abroad. TGD village doll project was one of the 767 worldwide projects presented in the "Themepark" at expo 2000 in Hannover (Germany) as an example of thinking of twenty first century. Earlier, the dolls from Pakistan participated in international toy fair in Nuremberg. These dolls show how culture goes beyond simple work of art and becomes collaboration among applied and natural sciences as well as other forces that affect our lives.

With love from Kasur

A stall in the outer courtyard of Bulleh Shah’s shrine with sacred ritual items like mannat ke karay (ritual wish bracelets) rings and pamplets with Bulleh Shah's poetry. Bulleh Shah practiced the Sufi tradition of Punjabi poetry established by poets like Shah Hussain, Sultan Bahu, and Shah Sharaf. Dawn

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Cultural Traditions


The most important factors for the current development were laid in the 19th century. The rejection of thinking and acting as a community meant for the technology an enormous increase in the industrial production because the division of work led to higher productivity and new professions and it appeared on the face of it to increase the standard of living in western cultures (for example the Taylorism as introduced in Ford automobile factories etc.)

Analysis of the society by political and economic thinkers led to development theories, which could not foresee the effects of these policies as evidenced today. The cardinal error by these theorists was the euro-centristic model, i.e. nobody took the happenings in other cultures into consideration.

Explore Rural Areas

Strong travel movements characterize our times. The infrastructure, good connections by land, water and air make travel easy and suggest that everything is easily available everywhere. The values of the traditional culture however are increasingly forgotten in this scenario, although it is these values, which give the city dweller – the local one as well as foreigners a new outlook and possibilities to show off people and places. Which is why it is recomded tha conveniences of city life be transfered to villages.

Tourists, visitors an travelers, for example to the Punjabi village Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka are best recommended to leave back their city ideas and thereby become more open for understanding the rural life and its rich, traditional culture. If the come with urban attitudes, the visitors will start pitying the village dwellers for the deficient possibilities. Currently the villagers there do not need gymnastic studios like the city dwellers, the dusty path from one village to another is sufficient for walking practice instead of taking rounds in an oval stadium, and so on.

BNU University Students in Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka

Students from different universities visit Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka for researh, learning and excursion. Here students from Beaconhouse National University are being briefed by Farooq Ahmed of Thatta Kedona in WAC in the Village.